Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hard Work Never Killed Anyone in an Enoteca

I love this wines' name:  Work of the Earth.  The French call it terroir, and here in Italy the wines taste like the place they come from.....that's why this name appealed to me so much.  Today Dr. C. and Ryan headed to Florence for the day on the train and I spent the day working in the enoteca as part of my "stage " as Roberto calls it.  We had lots of great groups coming through, and they were really interested in the wines, and the oils and products that Roberto sells. 

I met two gents from Holland who were so happy to find an enoteca that dealt in such high quality wines and we chatted for a long time about their enforced vacations......oh my that sounds like heaven! 

Part of being the staff is knowing when to hang around and chat and when to let people alone so they can decide on their wines.....what I love is the "aha" moment when someone tastes a red that is so amazing they don't even have words to describe it. 

These are my two handsome guys, Ryan on the left, and Dr. C in the shades enjoying an apperitivo and some shade in the garden yesterday.   They arrive home tonight around 8 on the train and I can't wait to hear about their day...if they aren't on the train, I'll know that Ryan stayed over in the Ufizzi! 

Last night was the celebration of the end of May, and there was a huge procession into and out of Santa Maria Maggiore, which is usually dark and hides the amazing Pinturicchios on the walls, but it was lit up like a Christmas tree last night and standing room only.  This is the scene in the piazza
What a sweet, tired face!!!

Wishing you a buona notte from Spello!

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