Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty Cheesey

Day 4 has ended at the Money Pit.  Today was rough plumbing and electrical, with the boys being here all day.  This photo is the shower that has been extended out about 15 inches from where it was giving us a car wash--hooray!  On the left is the water closet, which will be a separate room---before demolition the loo and the shower were in the same room--very cramped and a poor design. 

While the hammering and sawing was going on, I was thinking of some way to get rid of 48 ounces of ricotta cheese that was going to expire soon, so why not make a ricotta cheesecake???  I'm game!

The crust is amaretti cookies with almonds and melted butter.  Press it into an aluminum foil lined spring form pan that you have coated with aluminum foil. 

A mixture of ricotta, cream cheese, eggs, and orange flavors. 

Smooth the top with an off-set spatula and bake. 

Looking good!  Cool in the oven, and then cool completely at room temperature before covering an refrigerating.  The taste tests will happen tomorrow---I'll publish the recipe if it passes the test!

Temperature valves are in!

Look at how high that shower head will be--no more bending over to take a shower!
Our vanities will be on either side of this window--yes, the view is something else!

I'm teaching the Farmer's Market Bag class at Great News in the morning, but the boys will be at it again, laying down backer board (eyes glazing over) and hot mop (thinking a Swiffer that's on fire) and new floor boards.  I'll be back with some thoughts and a few recipes for the weekend.  If you bought the Farmer's Market Bag from Specialty Produce I'll have some new recipes up tomorrow night.  Have a great Friday!

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