Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Bundled Up and Ready to Go!

Any of you who have followed this blog for it's short existence may have noticed, that I didn't post anything last week.  A combination of things conspired to make me less than creative this week: life, my day job (I'm writing another book) and the news. Between the incredibly cold and stormy weather in other parts of the country with people struggling just to live their lives, and then the turmoil in Egypt, my creativity has been at a stand still, and when I started this blog I vowed to myself that if it wasn't interesting, informative or funny, I wouldn't post....I'd rather post things that are interesting, rather than just put up something random.  
This weekend I finally came to terms with all that was tilting my world, and realized I needed to do something for someone else---and stop thinking about me--after all it's not about me, and I should know that by now.  
My friend Art La Flamme is a Major stationed in Iraq.  For two years he has run a program called Iraqi bundles of Love or IBOL for short.  Art asks that you take a large flat rate shipping box, and fill it with fabric, yarn, needles, scissors, anything to do with sewing, wrap it all up into a neat package in the box, and send it off.  

Since this is operating under the radar so to speak, you need to e-mail him through his blog for instructions on where to send it, and how to wrap up your bundle.  

I told Art I would send 3 boxes, but lied, and by the time I got into this I had 4 boxes wrapped and ready to go, and I could easily send more but will wait till the next time--he's looking to make this next one huge.  
The first year, Art received over 3500 boxes---these were distributed throughout Iraq to sewing co-ops and as he says, everything is used.  

I'm overwhelmed by the fact that my "scrap" fabric is going to help clothe children, or keep someone warm with a new jacket, or help to make someone feel pretty because they have something new to wear.  We take so many things for granted in our lives, that when I came face to face with the reality that I could help someone else just by re-purposing the things I already had it was overwhelming.  So in a few months, somewhere in Iraq there will be a little girl dressed in adorable pink and white checks, and someone will be wearing a Sunbrella dress with sea shells and surfboards, and someone else will be wrapped in a warm flannel blanket--these are things I can do from afar with the help of someone like Art who cares deeply about the Iraqi people.  He took a leap of faith, figuring there were others who would help him to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.  I am so proud to know he is serving his country and serving the people of the country where he is stationed. 

As you go through this week, I'd ask that you take a moment each day to think about and pray for the safety and protection of our troops and their families who make a difference for all of us each day.  I'll be back tomorrow with a food fest for you, so stay tuned!    

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  1. This week was a very busy one for me and I was just sitting here thinking I can spend next Saturday gathering up bundles for IBOL. Its been my random act project ever since Art started. Seeing how far you've gotten is inspiring too!