Thursday, February 17, 2011

It isn't Easy Being Green

I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and Kermit was the weatherman when I was a kid!  He (and I) have come a long way, although everyone recognizes him!  But, I digress....  This week my family from Italy was visiting. Dr. C. and I loved having them here---Italians are very particular about their foods, and every meal that I prepared, I felt like a nervous culinary student presenting my finished dishes to the chef!
I was fortunate enough to do some mega-shopping at Specialty Produce before they arrived, and picked up some calvo nero, black kale, baby broccoli and black truffles.  Since I've been doing my produce shopping at Specialty Produce we are eating more greens and loving it; the greens are fresh, and local, what's not to love?
Black Kale has a strong flavor, but does well when sauteed in olive oil with sliced garlic, and then finished with lemon zest; the lemon tempers any of the bitterness from the greens.

 Cut off the tough stem ends, and cut into 1-inch pieces.

 Baby broccoli is similar to broccolini and broccoli rabe, again doing well with good olive oil and garlic, a bit of crispy prosciutto gives is a bit of personality.

Trim the tough stems, and keep the broccoli whole.

Eating your greens will make you feel better, and these greens add a lot of personality to any meal.  I served them with Prime Porterhouse steaks.
Tomorrow I'm teaching a comfort food class at Great News in the morning, but I'll be back with some thoughts about family and food.  Enjoy your day!

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