Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day After the Storm

Qualcomm Stadium where the Poinsettia Bowl is being played

If you've seen the national news you've seen the rain that we've had here in California; I describe it as like having a snow storm in a place where they never get snow---yes, it never rains in Southern California!  The drivers have no idea how to deal with it; and because it's such an infrequent occurrence (only 9 inches per year)  we look at it as an anomaly.  Dry creeks and rivers are swollen, parking lots flooded, and the people are actually driving around barriers into 4 feet of water--'tis the season.

Today I went to the beach, always a great place to see nature at work, and took a few snaps.  
Still pretty windy; the beach is "closed" but there are still lots of surfers in the water.

I'll be back later with a few thoughts on Christmas.

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