Thursday, November 4, 2010

United Airlines Baggage Claim

Today I flew from Indianapolis to Washington Dulles airport, about 90 minutes in the air, not a bad flight, but as is the case with regional airlines I had to gate-check my carry-on bag because it was too big to fit in the overhead bin---I would call it an overhead cubby!  That was fine, I emerged from the plane, onto the tarmac in the rain to wait for my carry-on, and as I watched the baggage coming out of the plane onto a conveyor, half of the luggage was falling off the conveyor behind the plane.  Take a look at the video, and underneath the tail you can see a few of the bags that fell--guess what??? All the baggage guys were standing around talking and joking---who does that surprise?  So, if you were on flight 7245 today and you had Aunt Tilly's urn with her ashes in it, in a duffel bag, I'm afraid the baggage guys mixed her up a bit. If airlines charge for baggage, which United certainly does, the least they could do is TAKE CARE OF IT!!  
On my way to Carlisle, PA and The Kitchen Shoppe tomorrow to teach Friday night and Saturday morning, then home to Dr. C. Saturday night....
I'm ready to click these ruby slippers together.... there IS no place like home. Enjoy your Friday! 

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