Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Resurrection Lemon Tree

Gloomy, rainy days and the ugly news reports have a tendency to stifle my creativity; so today I've got a nice story to tell about a lemon tree in our yard. 
23 years ago we moved into this house, and planted a lemon, lime, orange, and an avocado tree along the side of the house.  We have a postage stamp for a yard, but we wanted to have an orchard on the side.  The lime, orange, and avocado all died within about 3 months; leaves shriveling, then dropping, the trees looked like sticks. The lemon tree looked like it was still with us retaining about 10 leaves, but another month went by, and Dr. C came to the back door with a stick in his hand, and said, "this is the lemon tree, what should I do with it."  I told him to toss it, since the other trees had died. 

He decide to plant it over the wall in our back yard, to see if that wouldn't be a better place for it to grow. 
Today the lemon tree is taller than I am (it's a dwarf) and it yields more Meyer lemons than we can count-one time we tried counting, and came up with over 350, then lost interest!

Looking at the lemon tree today, I see a story of someone not giving up, hoping that maybe there was still life left even though the outward signs weren't good. Kind of like being a San Diego Padres fan. 

On days when I'm tired, the day is dreary, the news reports are depressing, the lemon tree  reminds me to keep on keeping on; and to bloom where ever I'm planted.   
Dr. C. and I are off to Santa Barbara on the train tomorrow; I'll try and post a few times during the journey, until then enjoy the day.

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