Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mason Jars

Mason jars bring to mind images of Grandmas' house, the family garden, and a huge pressure kettle for canning.  These jars have been around for over 100 years, and are still going strong.  Instead of using them for canning, smart hostesses are now using them for centerpieces, filling them with flowers, or setting candles into the jars and using them for mood lighting. 

I love the recycling aspect of this kind of decor; re-purposing something old with a new look.  For an upcoming wedding I'm doing the flowers in Mason jars, and these are a few of the prototypes I'm working on. 

Smaller jars filled with dahlias will be used for dining tables, and taller jars will be used for the guest book, bar, and other areas in the space.  Tall Mason jars will have candles in them and will be arranged on each table casting a beautiful glow in the twilight during the reception.  I love this look!
Tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco to teach in Danville at Draegers and San Mateo on Thursday, I'll be posting from there.  Enjoy the evening. 

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