Sunday, October 9, 2022

Rule Brittania

 After our Bourbon tour, we spent a week in Connecticut and New York City.  Now we were off to London.  Several months ago we decided to buy tickets to see Andrea Bocelli in concert.  The tickets in London were 1/4 the price of the tickets in San Diego where the venue is a hockey rink.  We landed on my birthday and headed to Fortnum and Mason for tea.  We managed to stay awake until 9 p.m. The next day we were having dinner with friends at Mere, an incredible dinner and a great time to catch up. 
Amuse bouche

another love bite

Chestnut gnocchi

Veal sweetbreads



Black sesame choux

The hokey pokey

Dinners like this are an experience, and each bite is an adventure.  Highly recommend it if you are in London.  The next day, we headed to the Tower of London for some souvenirs for our grandkids--they love getting postcards, but I found some interesting stocking stuffers for them, too.  

We used the Uber boats on the Thames for transport while we were there.  That night we headed to Greenwich which is where the Bocelli concert was being held.  

Heading down the river, we got to the Greenwich North station.  The 02 arena is quite the place; lots of restaurants, bars, and then the arena.  

I'm kind of a follow-directions girl, when we were told to turn off our cell phones and not record during the concert, this is the only photo I took.  The concert was beautiful; I will say that I think Andrea is slowing down (he'd done 9 concerts in the UK when we saw him) he's turned some of the program over to other performers, along with his son Matteo and his daughter.  We were sitting next to a group of women with their mums (in their 90's) They had waited 2 years to see this concert since it was postponed due to Covid.  They were treated to 3 encores, and we felt it was a trip worth taking.  We are on to our happy place in Spello for 3 weeks, and then a week in Puglia with our friends.  I hope you'll join us as I blog along with some adventures.  Cheerio!

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