Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The End of Sourdough

So 49 days ago, I began the sourdough journey, today it ends with Garlic Knots.  I've fed this thing, made sure it was happy, and yet, the results from my travails have been mixed at best.  So, tonight we had a steak dinner, and I made the garlic knots.  I let the dough rest overnight in the fridge, allowed it to rise forever (just a quick note, you will be waiting for sourdough forever---the rise is the thing)
I'm not one to weigh the dough, I eyeballed the amount I needed

Roll out about 4 to 5-inches

Tie the knot
 After letting them rise yet again, I drenched them in garlic butter, and topped with grated Parmigiano.
These were just OK, not a lot of sourdough flavor, and not my fave.  Give me focaccia anyday!.

I think my bottom line was I felt like I was wasting so much flour on a dead-end for me.  Sourdough is something people either get into and treat as a religious experience or they do what I did, experiment, and find that it isn't soul-satisfying.  I had spread the starter onto a silpat and waited for it to dry---which it didn't.  It is now a thing of the past, and I'm fine with that.   
So, it's a new week, and we are out of Aperol for spritz's, so I think that calls for a swing through Costco to pick up a few more bottles.  Remember to wear a mask and to stay safe and stay well.
This is why I wear a mask:  Wearing a mask protects others in case you’ve contracted the virus & don’t know it yet or are asymptomatic. It’s an act of kindness & caring for others, especially essential workers, to wear one in public.

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