Friday, April 26, 2019

A Drive in the Country

Rain was threatening today, Dr. C. and I had nothing planned so we decided to take a short drive to a little town called Rasiglia.  It has been dubbed the Venice of Umbria.  With only 40 inhabitants, it is a little jewel on the other side of nowhere....about a 30-minute drive from Spello, you are on back roads, thinking that you can't possibly be going the right direction, and then suddenly, there is a sign saying Rasiglia.

The town is fed by mountain springs.  As you approach you can see the river, but it's not until you climb up into the town that you hear the water flowing around various houses. 

As we walked through the town it appeared that many of the buildings were newer.  There was grave damage here during the 1997 earthquake and many thought that the town wouldn't survive.  This used to be a very busy industrial town, milling cloth, grain, wool, and tanning leather.  There are several exhibits in some of the buildings showing the industrial history of Rasiglia. 

There is something soothing about the sound of flowing water, and this little gem of a town certainly has that soulful feeling.  There are a lot of tourists coming to this tiny town, so go early and find a parking space. 

The town really can't support restaurants per se, but there are several food trucks selling porchetta, and other snacks, and there are agriturismos in the surrounding area.  This was worth the drive, which was beautiful when it's not raining.  Ciao for now.

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