Thursday, October 4, 2018

Out and About

This past week has been a mix of sun, clouds, strong winds, and some rain.  This is the view from our terrace, and we never get tired of it, even when it's raining. 
Our friends often ask us what we do when we are here.  We are living in a beautiful apartment in a palazzo, and with this view we could sit on the patio and just rest, but we get out for coffee in the morning in a beautiful garden, that gets us moving.  We sometimes head down to the Enoteca for an apperitivo before lunch, or we might decide to head somewhere for lunch, this is always an adventure since we are never sure where we are going. 
On Tuesday, we went to a new place (for us) in a neighboring town, near the Perugia airport.  We'd heard that the chef was from Emilia Romagna and that the food was fantastic..and guess what?  It was.  Click here for details.
Osteria Emiliana

In better weather you can sit by the pool


Gnocco Fritto

Dr. C. making what he called a mortadella burrito

My main was pasta stuffed with pumpkin (butternut squash)  and Parmigiano in a butter and sage sauce 

Dr. C. opted for the Bolognese
Dessert was foraged berries with gelato---perfetto!
After that meal we came back to Spello, and around 7 walked down to the enoteca to pick up some paperwork that we'd had printed, and were invited for dinner.  Hospitality here is something I can't explain, it's generous, it's overwhelming and it's inclusive.  I wasn't hungry, and neither was Dr. C. but who can refuse an amazing glass of wine, and then pasta with white truffles? 

We had to be rolled up the hill after this feast, and went to bed full and happy.  Although we did see this in the window of one of the shops while we were walking up the hill, and I had to share it. 
Yes, that is a purse covered in strings of macaroni.  Frankly, I'd rather have the pasta with the white truffles.  Ciao for now.

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