Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Everyone Knows Your Name: Identity Theft

This is going to be a bit of a rant; so hang on!  Above you will see my Slow Cooker Cookbook, which has sold very well on Amazon, and at other retailers, including the cooking schools where I teach. 

This is a cookbook written by someone else, using my name, and claiming to be the "highly successful author of best selling Amazon cookbooks".  Sound familiar?   The worst part of this is that the recipes are terrible, with little instruction, and even less flavor. AND, I've gotten ugly reviews from readers who had bought my other books, and thought they were buying a new one written by yours truly.  And when you click on the author at the top of the faux Slow Cooker page, it goes to my author page on Amazon. 

Look familiar?  I know people are looking for a bargain, but what they are getting is 25 really bad recipes, with my name on them.  So, this is just a rant about how the publishing industry is the wild west now, with anyone writing a cookbook, or e-book, and authors have a terrible time keeping their integrity when other people are stealing their work without attribute, and stealing their name to make a buck. 
With that said, I'll be back with some happier news tomorrow.  Wishing you all a good night.  Diane


  1. This is terrible! You write such great cookbooks, and some sleaze is riding on your coattails, muddying them with shoddy work to boot. I hope you can get Amazon to take the fakes down quickly.

  2. Yes, what ^she^ said. I hope you reported this to Amazon and they get removed, and hopefully the publisher/writer/seller gets blocked.

  3. Unfortunately Amazon is the publisher; I've written but no response