Friday, April 21, 2017

Road Trip: Ireland

Dr. C. and I arrived in Dublin early Tuesday morning, and were out on the streets, seeing the sights, in order to stave off jet lag.  We took a tour of the Guinness storehouse, which I highly recommend and did one of those hop-on-hop-off buses that takes you around the city, that way we got an idea of the places we would like to go back to.

Arthur Guinness was the real deal, an entrepreneur who also remembered where he came from; when Dublin needed its churches refurbished, he'd take care of it.  The story of Guinness is remarkable in that it was a mistake that gave the Guinness its flavor.  (I'm still not a fan, but it makes a great chocolate cake!)

We ended up at the gravity bar, on the 7th floor, Dr. C. got a Guinness and I got a view.

The next day we went to Trinity College to view the Book of Kells, an ancient illuminated manuscript.
On our way out, we say graduates lining up
Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is an architectural wonder; the inside is beautiful as well.  
 St. Patrick's Cathedral is around the corner; both are stunning beautiful in their own way.

I loved that the parishioners had their own needlepoint chair pillows

After an afternoon of churches, and some lunch, we hopped on a 1916 Rebellion Tour which was terrific.  Uniformed guides took us through the streets in an old lorry, and described what happened during Easter week.  Irish history isn't my forte, and this was a great introduction.  

Dr. C. and our guide Bernard guarding the castle.  
If you are planning a trip to Ireland, I'd say two full days in Dublin, not including the day you arrive. Buy your admissions for the Guinness Storehouse, The Book of Kells, Kilmainham Jail, and bus tours (if you decide to take them) online ahead of time---it saves you money and time in line.  
So far my impressions of the Irish are that they are aggressively friendly, and I mean that in the best possible way.  From the bellman at the hotel, to the taxi drivers, we have been welcomed with open arms.  
On to Cashel, and then Ballymaloe House for our next few days.  

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  1. I'm loving your posts! Planning our Ireland trip now!!