Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dining at Casa Vissani

High on a hill overlooking Lago Corbara near Todi, the jewel that is Casa Vissani shimmers in the evening. Upon arrival you are greeted by the well trained and inviting staff.  Our group traveled from their hotel on the bus, and we were shown to a beautiful private dining room, which was stunning in its appearance.
The table was set for 22, and we all felt very grown up and special here.  Our dinner was the autumn tasting menu paired with wines.  Our first 3 courses were appetizers, chosen by the chef as gifts to us.
Bread sticks (grissini) one made with semolina, one with peanuts, and one with pistachio.  A wafer cracker, and lavash.

Butter from the Piedmont

Top marinated amberjack, left liquid Parmigiano Reggiano, right, eggplant parmigiana
Ravioli with blackberry and bitter almond with pesto Genovese

Chianina beef, chestnut honey, caviar, crispy peanut, white turnip and cassis taglionlini

Different breads served with every course
Lentil soup with trout  and black truffle
Ravioli stuffed with Amatriciana Sauce, with puree of Jeruselem artichoke and avocado
Main Course, Chianina beef filet, chicory, white turnip cream timbale, cheese sphere with chestnut honey

If you are paying attention you can see that the dishes are Hermes and the dishes were alternated around the table, red and blue
Dessert came in stages: white chocolate and mint mouse topped with melon, hazelnut ice cream and mango caviar

Pistachio and hazelnut puff pastry, chocolate gelato with olive oil pearls and warm pineapple juice

Bottom row:  right to left, green tea mousse, chocolate covered coconut mousse, white chocolate tomato "burger",Vin Santo mousse
Back row: right to left, cassata, blueberry with bitter almond, "English sauce", rhubarb and blackberry, zabaglione

Chocolates---because you can't end the meal without it here!
So, what's the food like?  It's amazing, explosions of flavor in your mouth, in forms you would not expect.  This is an experience like no other, and if you are in the area of Todi you have to visit and eat here.  There were at least 5 wait staff, that took care of us, from the water in our glasses, to the wine, and our napkins, changed after the meal and before dessert.  This is a place for a celebration and after a few days with my culinary tour group here, I know we all felt that this was a highlight.  I will be back with more on the tour as time permits, but tomorrow Roma and pizza making.  Ciao for now.

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