Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Letter to Pete and the Laurel Diner

Dear Pete,
No one does breakfast the way you do.  I'd read about your diner on Road Food and when our daughter bought a house nearby, we had to come and try your breakfast.  We'd read about the lacy thin crispy hash browns, and the home made hash, but we had to see and taste for ourselves.  Unfortunately, we are now addicted: me to the Kiki and my hubby Dr. C. to the hash with two eggs over easy, our daughter to the Western omelette.  I haven't even tried anything else on the menu---why mess with perfection? 
Let me start with the Kiki:  shatteringly crisp hash browns layered with crispy bacon(or sausage) perfectly cooked eggs, cheese, sour cream and scallions---when they ask if you want toast, it would only interfere with this tower of perfection.  I dream about this breakfast, and since we live in San Diego, we only come a few times a year, but when we do come to Connecticut it's full on breakfast time.

Dr. C. loves the hash, which is made in house, instead of coming out of a can.  When he orders it, he knows that Pete will cook it with a crispy crust (the way it should be) and then two perfectly cooked eggs adorn it.  Homefries are crispy, and well seasoned on the side.  Toast?  I don't think so!

Our daughters' favorite is the Western omelette, with onions, peppers, and ham, griddled, then folded perfectly into eggs, with or without cheese, and turned to perfection onto the plate.   No one at Cordon Bleu ever did it that well, seriously.

Thanks to Pete and his staff for making breakfast fun again.  The Laurel Diner has been in Southbury since 1949, we are probably your biggest fans. 

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