Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Since I'm into my third week here in Rome, I have had a lot of the fellows and scholars asking about what goes on in the kitchen, where we get the produce that feeds everyone, and who is preparing the lunches and dinner.  Today this gentleman delivered some gorgeous produce. The Sustainable Food Project has 4 or 5 purveyors who bring them sustainable organic produce during the week.  With each delivery, menu items are made, and the produce is consumed within 36 hours.  This morning when I went into the kitchen there were only leeks and fennel in the 4 huge refrigerators, so we were hoping that the delivery would come early, since leeks and fennel would not feed the multitudes. 
Beautiful spinach





The vegetables are washed, then cleaned, and then prepared according to the chef's instructions. 

Each day, lettuce is picked from the Academy garden to serve at lunch.  How gorgeous is that?
Today was pizza day, and Jeremy was on the case

Chef Domenico checking the dough

For the workers' lunch a plain pizza Margherita

and maybe a few anchovies

the tomato sauce is uncooked, whizzed with a bit of salt, pepper, oregano and some garlic

Here's Jeremy rolling out the dough for the pizza rustica (covered pizza)

This pizza will have sauteed chicory, and tomato

other dishes were arugula and fennel salad
Artichokes alla Romana

Cranberry bean salad
Today some friends from San Diego on their honeymoon were visiting so I didn't get to stay for the entire prep/serving time.  We ate lunch in the dining room with our friends and then showed them around the Villa Aurelia where we are staying. 

The flowers here are just about to pop, this rose is a bit early, but I know by the time we leave here we will see an explosion of blooms.  I'll be back tomorrow with more, Ciao for now!

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