Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

On Tuesday, I walked into the Enoteca and found these gorgeous flowers, gifts from our kids in NYC, and the family that we have here in Spello.Feeling thoroughly loved by those that sent them, and then my Facebook page filled up with well wishes,  I was overwhelmed.  Little did I know that more was in store.
Roberto Angelini pouring champagne for our son Ryan
Our adopted family here, the Angelini's, owners of Enoteca Properzio had arranged for a special dinner prepared by Chef Jurgin Kulli.
Having worked with Chef Jurgin before, it was such a treat to have him prepare this special dinner

First course, olive oil mashed potatoes, with sous vide poached egg with truffles
Secondo:  Egg pasta in the style of Spoleto, with pumpkin and truffles----oh my
Primi:  Pork Tenderloin on a bed of fennel salad, with sous vide pork, wine reduction and plum jam
And someone knew that I LOVE birthday cake!  
When people ask what we do when we come over here, they can't imagine just staying in one place, and enjoying the moment, but every moment is different.  From the cappucino and cornetto in the morning, throughout the day, we are constantly surprised by joy, with how full our days are meeting new people, and reuniting with old friends.  I'm grateful for this time, and the ability to enjoy every moment with Dr. C. and our family. 

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