Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Have You Met My Friends the Cauliflower Triplets?

This morning I took a drive down to Specialty Produce to do a little shopping. Purveyors of organic and sustainable produce, I love walking in and seeing the beautiful produce in the organic room.  Here are the purple, orange and green cauliflower triplets. 
How about the carrot triplets?  Look how gorgeous they are---next to the bean triplets.

Not to be outdone, summer squash comes in all colors of the rainbow.

On June gloom days here in San Diego, everything is sunny at Specialty Produce, just being in the organic room makes me happy.  It's hard to decide what to buy.

But the ultimate in this room are the stone fruits from Frog Hollow and Fitzgerald Farms---pure deliciousness.

Don't wait to get down here and get yours, the best fruit is in at Specialty now. 

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