Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dr. C and I are in New York City for an overnight before he goes home and I go on to Pennsylvania to teach Friday and Sunday.  This morning we took a field trip to Mario Batali's Eataly, a huge complex of Italian gastronomy on Fifth Avenue.  This is like me going to a culinary Disneyland!  Everything is beautiful, the space is enormous, and even with loads of tourists on a bus tour, and my enormous down coat we were still able to navigate well.
Eataly began in Turin, Italy, and has spread through Italy, as well as Japan.  This is the first emporium to be established in the US, with Chicago coming on in 2013, only 1700 miles from San Diego!  The philosophy is fresh, and regional Italian foods.  
There is a lot of cheese!
The salumi area
This month they are celebrating my favorite area of Italy: Umbria and featuring Sagrantino wines (it's about time!)
Too good to be true, but it works!!
She trimmed the artichokes into hearts, then stored them in acidulated water (I could get used to this!)
Dr. C.. perusing the greens
Sweet baby cauliflower
Cooking School
Featured wines from Umbria
Hand made pastas

Butcher shop---amazing!

Dry pasta

Olive oil
Even the signs are fun!
The wine store, Vino Eataly

I recognize this case!


pillows of pasta stuffed with mortadella, pork, spinach and served in a veal reduction---oh my!

Pasta filled with mushrooms and served in Umbrian truffle butter--yep, it was delish!

Dr. C. got the pizza of the day---tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and Prosciutto di Parma--another winner! We drank Barbera di Alba and a Montefalco Rosso
My boys, thanks for the field trip Eric and Dr. C.
If you are in New York City, this is a destination.  All regions and foods of Italy are represented here, and the space is amazing to walk through.  There is a LOT to see, and it can be overwhelming, but the staff are terrific, they all know their stuff, and are incredibly helpful. I'm ready to get out of the snow/rain and cold, but have a few more days till I head home.  I'll post more from the road.  Until then, buon appetito!

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