Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Calling all Kids (and their parents)

I spent a few days last week with my granddaughter, 25 month old Princess Poppy in Connecticut.  Before I got there I sent a few things for she and I to do while her mom and dad enjoyed Paris.  One thing I hoped we'd be able to do was bake cookies; although she has a "pretend kitchen" I brought along a silicone rolling pin for her to use, and a Wilton Plaque of Halloween cookies.

  I ordered two cookie mixes from King Arthur Flour, one vanilla sugar cookies, and the other gingerbread.

On Friday we baked gingerbread cookies; we pressed the dough into the cookie plaque and then
Poppy got to decorate them with sprinkles---I think she liked that part best, just getting her to say "sprinkles" was priceless.
If you know anything about King Arthur Flour you know that their products are awesome, and both cookie mixes passed the kid and adult tests!
I'll be back later this week with some recipes for fall dinners; there is a windy rain storm blowing through San Diego tonight, and it feels like winter is coming! 

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  1. Wonderful pictures - Poppy is darling. I do the same with my two lovely granddaughters in Chapel Hill - one has graduated to being able to crack eggs - she invariably gets shell in it, but is that is fixable. We made muffins for her preschool, she announced she made them herself, and the teacher asked for the recipe. Another proud cook in the making.