Monday, October 9, 2017

Searching for Our Laundry

Two weeks ago, Dr. C. and I left Bormio in the Alfa and drove back to Lake Garda to drop it off. About the time we were unloading the Alfa I remembered that we'd left our laundry at the hotel in Bormio.  After a few frustrating e-mails with the hotel, and no help from FEDEX, we decided to take the weekend, drive up to Tirano, board the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express train to St. Moritz, and then head to Bormio to retrieve our laundry.  The Stelvio Pass still awaits us, and this time we're in the Audi, so at least there are seat belts!

The Bernina Express is a railway that goes from Tirano to Davos or Chur, or you can opt to get off at any of the places in between.  Day-trippers tend to get off in St. Moritz, and then head back to Tirano.  The track is an amazing piece of engineering, and the scenery is spectacular.

The cars on the train have huge windows, giving you ample room to take photos and if you are so inclined, during nicer weather there are open air cars that are attached to the back of the train. 

At this time of year, there is snow in the higher elevations, the trees are turning colors, and the tiny towns along the route look like something out of Disney's storybook land.

The famous circular aqueduct

Mira Lago

Cheese on the hoof

I took this photo of the ice, then this happened

This kid appeared bored with his parents, so he broke off a piece of the ice

He found a dagger, and walked off

St. Moritz is beautiful, with a lovely lake at the bottom of the hill, hotels, restaurants and plenty of designer shops in the center of town.   We stopped for lunch and then peeked into shops and bought a few souvenirs, just to say we'd been there.

When in Switzerland, you have a bratwurst and roesti --I describe them as hash browns made in heaven

Amazing chocolate shop

On our ride back to Tirano, I took more photos.  Altogether I took over 250 photos, the scenery was just that spectacular.

We retrieved our car, headed to Bormio, this time on the right route, not the Gavia Pass that has given me nightmares since we were on it.  And, we have our laundry! Tomorrow, if the weather is right, we are heading to the Stelvio Pass, and this time we'll get to experience what the guys on The Grand Tour describe as the best driving road in the world.  Film at 11.  Ciao for now.

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