Monday, September 18, 2017

Ferrari: It's Not Fast Cars, It's The Bubbles

Which one is the Ferrari?  The answer is both; Giulio Ferrari began his sparkling wine business in the town of Trento in Trentino Alto Adige, and Enzo Ferrari (no relation) began his automobile business in Maranello, in the province of Emilia Romagna.
Today, Dr. C. and I fired up the Alfa, drove south for a tour and tasting at the Ferrari winery in Trento.
Giulio Ferrari began his small winery in the Town of Trento in the 1902.  He set about making a sparkling wine to rival the champagnes of France.  He was the first to plant Chardonnay in the area, and soon was making sparkling wine in small quantities for select customers.
In 1952, without an heir to take over the business, he selected a small wine store owner in Trento to take over his winery, Bruno Lunelli.  Bruno expanded the winery, the vineyards, and the soul of the business, and now it is in the capable hands of the 3rd generation of the Lunelli family.  
All the Ferrari labels are Trentodoc, an appellation for white and rosé sparkling wine made in Trentino Alto Adige.  The vines are grown at a high altitude using sustainable and certified organic farming methods.   
We arrived, and were shown the stainless steel tanks, the aging rooms, and then were show the bottling process.  As the wines age, they are hand-turned to ensure perfect bubbles.  

 A museum with tools used by Giulio Ferrari

Transporting the casks
These displays welcome you to the winery

We tasted two wines form their Perle sparkling wine.  One a white and the other a rose.  They were both delicious, the white with notes of apple, and toasted almonds.  The rose had notes of raspberry and sweet almonds.  Both were delicious and we walked out with bottles of both, since they are so delicious, and who doesn't love a good sparkling wine.

Tiny bubbles
We left the winery having a new appreciation once again, for these Italian wine makers who want to put the best product possible on the market. We also loved that the family continues to support the business with new products, and methods.  The design elements that they incorporate in their cantina and their products and stunning.

We are hoping to drive the Stelvio Pass tomorrow, so I'll be back with video on that if the weather cooperates.  Ciao for now.

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