Saturday, June 3, 2017

Top Things to Love About Sicily

There is so much to see and to do in Sicily that it is hard to communicate how beautiful it is, and how unspoiled in many ways.  Sicily to me is actually another country near Italy, in that the people, foods, and history have been affected by the years of domination by Greece, Spain, and other countries in the Mediterranean.  Here are my favorites from Sicily.

The Food

Chick pea fritters

potato croquettes


From the chick pea fritters, to the arancini, to the gelato stuffed brioche, the food here is incredible,whether it's a simple dish of pasta or more elegantly prepared deconstructed preparation,the local produce helps this cuisine shine.  

The Markets

  From Palermo to Siracusa the markets are a bee hive of activity, color, aromas, textures, and excitement with vendors proudly selling their wares.  

The History
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From the salt pans of Marsala, the Valley of the Temples, to the tuna factory near Noto, the rich history of this island steeps it in tradition. 

The People

The honey bunch
Everywhere we went, the people of Sicily welcomed us with open arms, inviting us in, proud of their place, and what they were doing.  

The Salt

Our visit to Trapani and the salt pans in Marsala solidified my view that the salt here is exceptional.  Try it sometime, you will be inspired.  

The Cheese

The Pecorino and ricotta here are, in a word delicious.  At breakfast every morning, there is fresh ricotta to pair with your fruit, and later in the day you might have a dish served with fresh pecorino. And, I'm of the mind that you can never have enough cheese.  

Blood Orange Juice at Breakfast

At breakfast every morning, there would be a pitcher of blood orange juice along with the other selections---go for the blood orange juice.  Because there is a limited season, we don't see this juice in the states very much, it is in a word spectacular.  

The Scenery

Vineyards and olive groves
Ancient ruins
The variety of plants is amazing
Baroque cities 
Great walking cities

The Mediterranean
Beautiful venues for lunch and dinner

Beautiful gardens

Lastly, Mt. Etna

After 10 days on this island, we only broke through the surface, there is so much more to see and do, and I can't wait to go back and explore some more.  Ciao for now.

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