Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The Oxford Dictionary defines the word serendipity as:  "The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way."  Many days here in Italy, things happen unexpectedly, and I think that's why I love it here.  Back home our lives are so programmed, that sometimes the spur of the moment activity never seems to be able to invade the plans we have.  Yesterday was one of those days. I'd asked if I could cook lunch for the family at the enoteca.  I'd planned on 8 people figuring if someone showed up, we could stretch the lunch.  I was making asparagus risotto, Saltimbocca and a salad with oranges and fennel.  My dessert was Alice Medrich's chocolate cake, which I have to say is one of the easiest cakes to make, and the results are stunning.  
As with many things here, this one got a little wild, with wine makers showing up, and then cousins from Milano arriving, and it was all a lot of fun.  Fortunately, I'd thought ahead and made a bucket of risotto, so if there was any left it would be arancini today.  With a crowd of 12, the risotto was gone.
Because it was such a joyous occasion with friends, family and colleagues, Roberto decided that the only wine to have was Sassicaia, only we'd need a magnum.  
Filippo Peppucci, an exceptional wine maker from Todi opening the box

The man himself, Roberto Angelini, the ring master here at Enoteca Properzio
This was a happy group, laughing, telling stories, and enjoying the day.  We sat at the table for at least 2 hours enjoying this special moment in time.  
And, there was cake.  I topped each serving with a chocolate and pistachio candy that I'd gotten in Bronte when we were in Sicily.  
Moments like these should be savored, each minute cherished, and remembered, especially when we are caught in the chaos of our own lives, it's nice to remember the pleasures of being with family and friends.  Ciao for now.

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