Sunday, October 2, 2016


Down the hill from the town of Trevi is a little secret called La Cucina San Pietro in San Pettine.  San Pettine is a tiny dot on the map with maybe 10 houses, and one of the best restaurants where I have had the pleasure of eating 2 years in a row.  The menu is truffles in every from in a tasting menu that is creative, exciting and delicious.
Basically, this says that they love truffles and want to have you love their truffles
 Friends from San Diego were here, and we'd promised them over dinner in San Diego to take them here, so last night we piled into our cars, and headed out.  This is an over the river and through the woods ride, almost through fields to get here, but in the end you pull up to an iron gate, the gates swing open, you drive by a medieval chapel, and then pull around to the parking lot.  During the day, the property is in full view; they hunt truffles on the property and we have just entered the season for white truffles, the most prized of the truffles.
As I said we arrived at night, so this view is from last year.  We were greeted by the host who had been our guide through the menu last year, and we sat down to a table set for us.

The menu is set each night, depending on the chef's creativity, so it is always a delicious surprise to anticipate each course.  We began with Franciacorta, the Italian sparkling wine made in the style of French champagne.

First course was a tortellini, made in house with fresh ricotta, and white truffles

Second course was a bean soup made with organic legumes, and cooked in the broth of black truffles

Third course was a poached egg sitting on sauteed porcini, with black truffles and bacon;;;;;OH MY!
Next course, scallion, lamb bacon, black truffle pearls, and balsamic mayonnaise
Black Truffle with homemade pasta
Veal meat balls with roasted potatoes
Chocolate Mousse

Needless to say we were rolled out of the restaurant, since we couldn't move from all the food!  This was an extraordinary night, and we love sharing this with our friends.  If you are in Umbria, this is a special place, and I urge you to make a reservation an experience what San Pettine has to offer.  Ciao for now.

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