Friday, October 7, 2016

Cooking with Simona Part I

Simona and Simone preparing our dinner
We arrived in Castiglion Fiorentino, and were told we would have dinner in our villa.  We weren't sure what that would look like, but at 6 p.m. there was a knock on our door, and when we opened the door, our friend Simon Giorgetti and her husband Simone were there with a box of groceries, which they proceeded to make into our dinner.  We had met Simona and Simone in San Diego last January, after they had gotten married, and they are a delightful couple.  Simona had owned a restaurant in the city center of Castiglione Fiorentino, and after their marriage, they sold the restaurant since they were working 24/7 and not spending any time together.  We were delighted to have them cook our first nights' dinner, and it was awesome.  Simona is available as a private chef, and will teach cooking classes in your villa.
First the wine

Our first course was a selection of 3 bruschette; one with a chianina beef ragu, the second with tomatoes, and the third with sausage, zucchini and cheese.  This is the sausage and zucchini.
Next up is a classic example of La cucina povera, or the food of the poor.  Stale or toasted bread soaked with a bit of vegetable stock, then covered with chard, sauteed with onion, garlic, and celery, topped with Pecorino.  Just the right notes, for a terrific starter.
Conferring in the kitchen

The soup course

Simone serving the chick pea soup with homemade tagliolini egg pasta

Our soup course was a creamy  chick pea soup with fresh egg pasta, a great tasting soup with tender pasta, to warm us all up.  At this point I was feeling like I was at my Nonna's house, ready to wave away the next course, without offending, but then I saw it, and anything that looks like sausage, I'm in!
Goose neck stuffed with sausage, cheese, bread, and herbs

I'd not had this particular dish before, but it was like a homemade sausage, stuffed into goose neck, which was delicious.  Served with a bit of cabbage salad, it was a great main course, I can't wait to try and make this at home.
About this time, I was ready to burst, but then we had a crostata made with Simona's homemade fig jam, and her father's Vin Santo, a dessert wine.  Simona and Simone packed up their box, did the dishes, and headed out while we sipped our Vin Santo.  Grazie Simona e Simone.  Ciao for now.
Editor's Note:  I posted a similar blog post, and then it disappeared, so this is a recap of the first one....if someone finds my blog post, let me know!

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  1. Thank you Diane for the post! I am so happy! I really had great moments with all of you!!