Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Marquese di Barolo

Our day began in the small town of La Morra, right outside the gates of Arborina Relais.  A tiny gem in this beautiful valley, we walked the streets early in the morning, and we got to taste the famous torta dei noccioli, a cake made from hazelnut flour and the paste of hazelnuts; mama mia!  I bought the flour, hoping to try it when we get back to the states,.  

this was the only day we could really see the alps, the other days were a bit to grey with a bit of overcast

After our walk-about we headed to the town of Barolo, with a tour and wine tasting at the Marquese di Barolo.  
As we arrived, they were pressing the Dolcetto grapes

Along with tasting the wine, we decided to have lunch, too.  These are the traditional ravioli here called Plin, made from 3 different meats.  Tradition has it when the mama would make a meat lunch for her family, anything that was leftover was mixed together and made into the ravioli.  It's delicious-I ate it everywhere--this one with sage and butter  

Carrot souffle for the vegetariana

Dr. C's 2 minutes as royalty
The wines of this area are pressed from inky black grapes, and each one has its own specific characteristics, and style.  Each wine maker puts their stamp on them, as well, using French or Slovenian oak, and the aging process is kept secret!  After the tour and lunch we headed into town to peek into shops and look at the local castle.

Traditional Tajarin egg noodles, made with 30 egg yolks

The museum of corkscrews

We happened upon this bakery and they were making the grissini, which came from this area--they make them everyday
The dough, flour, water and a bit of yeast goes into the machine and is cut, then arranged on the pans, and baked

 After our tour of Barolo, we headed to cantina Mascarello.  They usually don't give tours to groups, but our famiglia Angelini from Enoteca Properzio arranged this visit, and it was amazing.  Small production wines in a family business, we had a great wine tasting with Elena, and then her father showed us his fermenting rooms.

On the left Giuseppe Mascarello and our guide Lucia
 After this tour we headed back to Arborina Relais, and got ready for dinner at Osteria Veglia.

Another Insalata Russa

Tajarin with meat ragu

Panna cotta


And we end another amazing day in Barolo country.  Tomorrow a cooking class with Chef Matteo Morra, not sure if I will sleep!  Ciao for now.  

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