Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oils,Vinegars and Spirits

Olive oils and Balsamic vinegars

Last week my pal Phillis Carey and I were invited to a tasting at Vom Fass, a new store in Hillcrest, that specializes in oils, vinegars, and spirits---what a great time we had!  Vom Fass is a German company, and their line up of oils, including nut and seed oils, as well as olive oils is impressive, but some of my favorite tastes were the vinegars.  The fruit vinegars were delicious, with a blast of the fruit flavor and a finish of tartness that was exceptionally well balanced. 
Nut and seed oils

The beauty of this kind of store is three fold:  one, you can taste to your hearts' content; two, you choose how much you want to buy and the type bottle you want it in, and three you can come back and refill the bottle when you're done.  I love that!  They even have small recipes cards for the oils and vinegars.
 The other side of the store is reserved for spirits, and some wines.  This pyramid is all spirits, including some barrel aged gin (which we tasted) and whiskeys, as well as Scotch. 
Here the spirits are bottled to be sold

Tequila anyone?
They even have absinthe, and classes on each type of spirit.  We had a great time tasting that morning, and the store itself is a little jewel box.  It's worth the trip to check it out, and while you are in the area, check out Penzey's spices as well. 
Vom Fass is located at 1050 University Avenue Suite 103 in San Diego, there is nothing else like it in San Diego. 

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