Friday, October 9, 2015

Cooking With a One Star Michelin Chef

Every day here in Spello is different.  Today, Dr. C. and I had our usual cappuccino and cornetto, then headed down to Enoteca Properzio to see what was happening there. Most of the time, we don't have plans, and just follow our noses. We were told that 1 star Michelin chef Marco Gubbiotti would be coming to give a cooking class.  I volunteered to write the recipes so that the students, two good friends from the States, could take them home and make them again.  I also love watching other chefs work!
The first course was similar to what I had for my birthday dinner, a poached egg with anchovies and thyme, served on a bed of crushed bruschetta, with shaved black truffles.  You will notice a theme since it is truffle season over here.  This is really a simple dish, and can be made ahead, the eggs take 5 minutes in boiling water; when they come out of their plastic pouches, they look like a lovely flower. 
The second course is a pasta that is from Spoleto called frascarelli.  It is made with flour and egg, and when the flour and egg begin to form small pieces, Marco used a sieve to separate the pasta from the flour.  It is boiled for 1 minute.  The sauce is a combination of shaved truffles, garlic, olive oil, and sauteed asparagus.  It's a lovely dish, again garnished with beautiful black truffle shavings. 

The main course was a slow roasted beer marinated pork tenderloin served on a bed of fennel and apple chutney.  The pork is served at room temperature with a grape juice reduction sauce. 
As the class went along, Roberto Angelini from Enoteca Properzio served wines to pair with each course.  At the end everyone had had a wonderful experience, and they smiled for me!
If you are interested in a cooking class at the enoteca, e-mail them through their website to make reservations, since Marco is in demand. 


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