Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ciao Roma!

The Eternal city has a certain magic that not all the cities in Europe have. Although it is loud, chaotic, filled with art, churches, and more souvenir stands per square foot than any other place on earth, there is something about Rome that lures me back each year. It may be the beauty of St. Peter’s where I have to go each time I am here, or the boys at Noi Salon who cut my hair and fill me in on the latest news, or it could just be that my city cred it coming back.  Whatever it is, Dr. C., our son Ryan and I spent 5 days there before heading to Umbria and our home away from home here in Spello. 

Eating in Rome is a great joy, it’s hard to find a bad restaurant if you stay away from the tourist sites.  We had an apartment in the Prati area, near St. Peter’s but just far enough away to be in a Roman neighborhood, where all the restaurants were frequented by the locals.  
Pasta alla carbonara

Pasta with porcini

Carcioffi alla Giudia

Pasta Bolognese


Since we have visited so often, and toured all the sites, this really was a time to relax and enjoy Rome without all the “have-to’s”.  St. Peter’s is a must every time we come, and this time we had gotten tickets to the “Scavi” underneath St. Peter’s where St. Peter is actually buried.  This was a once in a life time tour; it was hot/humid/and overwhelming because of where we were, and what it represented.  To walk where all those pilgrims had walked since St. Peter’s death, it took me a long time to process.  If you are interested in doing this, go to this website, and apply.  They only let 250 people tour per day, and it took us 10 years to get tickets.  Persistence pays off. (no photos)

We also went to the Borghese Gallery, the second most important art museum in Rome after the Vatican.  It was spectacular, filled with Bernini sculptures, and 6 Caravaggio masterpieces (the most in the world).  We finally got to St. John Lateran, and it was magnificent. 
Any church with doors this huge, has got to be important
even the ceiling is magnificent


I loved catching these two nuns on their cell phones

Dr. C. and I said goodbye to our son Ryan on Wednesday and we are now in our apartment in Spello for the month.  We will say goodbye to Spello on Halloween and join our grandchildren in NYC for trick or treating.  Frankly, that may be the only reason I'd leave here.  Wishing you a lovely weekend from Spello.

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