Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On the Street Where I Live

A friend asked me to take some photos of where I am living, so I'm going to show you the area that I'm in, the apt. isn't ready for photos just yet. Every morning I climb these stairs to my terrace, and have coffee.

This is the view

My apartment is the bell tower of an old convent, and this is the cloister, which I have access to as well

These are the stairs leaving from the front of the house

Turning left out of the house, I head up the hill.  There is a small restaurant across the way from the apartment, but I haven't been there.

A few of the alleyways on my way to the top

This is the piazza in the center of Spello---somehow I flipped a switch and got black and white---very Godfather-like

The piazza is the heart of the town, and people hang out on the benches, and watch the world go by

Spello is medieval, and at night if there were torches in the lights you would believe that the Huns were ready to ride up the hill.  Beautiful in the day time and at night, I love it here anytime.  The internet here is very slow, so uploading photos takes forever...I'm posting more on my Facebook professional page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diane-Phillips-Blog-of-Cooking-Travel-and-Commentary/147827111914035 so check me out over there as well.  Buona notte!

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