Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ten days ago, I left New York for Rome.  I've been in my beautiful apartment here in Spello for a week, and love this new place.  I have a beautiful terrace, and can look out onto the valley below --- across the way I can see the hills towards Montefalco, Trevi and the city of Foligno.  Directly behind the apartment is Mt. Subasio, the mountain that St. Francis roamed during his time here.  It is peaceful, and calm here, and I'm enjoying a respite from 24 hours news, internet, and cell phones.

Mt. Subasio from the terrace

Full moon, at dusk
Fortress in the back yard
The building in the foreground is the frantoio where the DOP olive oil is processed


At Enoteca Properzio

Truffle lasagna

The food and the company here are superb;  truffles that was dropped off at Enoteca Properzio it was made into an amazing truffle lasagna for a special dinner served with superb wines.  I have company coming tonight for a few days, so I'll be back after our adventures.  Until then, Ciao!

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