Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rural Farm Life In Umbria

They don't call it Italy's Green Heart for nothing!

So you’ve seen Assisi, and Spoleto and Montefalco, eaten at some amazing restaurants, and drunk some spectacular wines; but have you met the people that raise the food and drink you have been consuming?  When I tell people about the treasure of Italy, it is not the food, art, history or wine, it’s the Italians.  Yesterday our friend Anne took us to meet farm families that are her neighbors and friends.  What a treat to meet people who have farmed the land for their entire lives.  Warm welcomes awaited us, as well as sips of local new wines, and dark green extra virgin olive oils.  

Meet Peppa, Anne's friend who has farmed since she was a child.  This is her bread oven, no longer in use, but when it was she would awaken at 2 a.m. to get the bread into the oven so that her father and then her husband would have bread for the day

Anne and Peppa

Cutting lavender

My pal Megan making friends with Peppa---no language barrier here--just smiles
Beautiful scenery on the way to meet Peppe and Gentile at their farm

Gentile another farm woman

Her husband Peppe
dog days


Easy bake oven

Sheep and ducks coming home
Peppe and the Vet taking a bow after artificially inseminating the cows

What's left after the wine is pressed

Still functioning wine press

Meet Emma

Sharing a laugh with Anne

Pressed grape must

Hugo pressing the rest of the grapes to get the mosto

Hugo feeding the animals

A visit to Marino to taste his olive oil
Drying grapes



Last of the grapes--just for snacking

A visit with Giovanino

Cooking Torta al Testo
 Our evening ended at Anne's house for dinner, but the entire afternoon was an amazing look into the lives of some very special people.
Grazie a Peppa, Gentile, Peppe, Emma e Hugo.  Wishing you a buon giorno from Umbria.

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