Friday, September 13, 2013

Out and About in Rome

After arriving at the apartment that I am staying in, I decided to do a walk-about, since my friend won't arrive here till late tonight, and we have a lot of ground to cover this weekend.  So I walked out of the apartment and saw the biggest Mortadella I've ever seen!  Well, maybe not the biggest, but it sure made a statement!
It was in the window of this place, Il Fornaio---no not the one in the states, this one actually makes Italian food!
Right behind the apartment is Campo dei Fiore a market square here in the central part of Rome.
Pick out the American

I walked across Corso Vittorio Emmanuel and I am in one of my favorite parts of Rome---Piazza Navonna---I know it's kitchy, and touristy, but the first time I came to Rome over 20 years ago, my cousin took us around, and we were based here, so I feel an attachment to it. 

There are musicians, and performance artists, and molti turisti!

What's Al Pacino doing here?

Then these guys showed up and ruined a perfectly nice day

These shops dot every corner of every famous Piazza here

Here go the bikers---if you didn't think this was a nightmare at rush hour, take a look

There was a lot of cursing going on here, and I just kept walking.  
Rome is big, and can be confusing, but it's a city that is alive, and it's got so much history and art, and food, that I do love it for a few days.  I'll be posting as I have time, but I have a feeling it will be Monday before I put up more photos.  Until then buona seratta.

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