Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Field Trip

This morning I decided to visit a local cantina owned by the Ferrari family---yes, THOSE Ferraris. With a card from Roberto at Enoteca Properzio, I was set, but what I didn’t realize was that I would be late. 
Getting lost here on the back roads, is sport for me, and unfortunately, I got there when they were closing, but the ladies in the cantina let me take some photos and the ride itself was pure joy.  Nothing but vineyards, and olive groves as far as the eye could see.  
Spello from the top of Cantalupo

Indications are that there will be a bumper crop of olives

Santa Maria di Angeli

Cantina Castelbuono was designed by Arnaldo Pomodoro, it is called The Carapace, it is the first sculpture in the world in which people live and work simultaneously. 

The Carapace
Beautiful artwork
On the floor

Since the Carapace is a work of art, you will see all kinds of sculptures as you drive up to the main building. And the views of the surrounding area are spectacular. 

Here they grow the indigenous grapes of Umbria; Sagrantino and Rosso di Montefalco.Until 25 years ago Sagrantino was used as a sacramental wine or passito, then a wine maker decided to age it and the rest is history—Sagrantino is getting lots of great press since it is becoming a more recognized vintage throughout the world. Full bodied with lots of tannin it takes a special winemaker to turn these grapes into the special wine that is Sagrantino di Montefalco. 

I am living in a tiny apartment and will move into a larger one next door, when friends come to visit.  Dr. C. will join me the beginning of October, and we will do some touring to places we haven’t been to in Italia, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Genoa, and Lucca.  I am not attending school this time around, finding that I am learning a lot more listening to the conversations here at the Enoteca. Until my next adventure, I bid you a buona serata from Spello. 
Nighttime in the garden at Enoteca Properzio


  1. Beautiful pictures from one of my favorite places in the world. Assisi is beautiful. Have you seen Orvieta yet? Another remarkable place, just for the structure of the hill, if nothing else. Have a wonderful time. Louise Andres

  2. Yes been to Orvieto many times---gorgeous place---all these hills are studded with memorable vistas and unique stories. Love it here!