Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Left Foot and True Confessions

As you can see by the photo, my left leg is in a boot, that's because when I was walking home one night in Spello I landed hard on my lefty off a cobblestone.  I was positive it was just a bad sprain, and did the RICE treatment, rest, ice, compression, elevation, and although it was painful I kept on walking. 
When I got home it was still pretty swollen, and sore, so when the Doc X-Rayed it, I'd broken my fibula, that thin leg bone, and I'd been walking on it for 2 weeks!
The good news is, it's been healing on its own, no thanks to me and my knuckle-headed-ness (walking in Rome for 2 days, and walking up and down hills in Spello) and it's actually feeling better being in the boot.  
I keep saying, "color me blond" but that wouldn't even cover how silly I feel for not having gone to the Dr. when my Italian family kept saying they would take me. 
Re-entry has been hard, I miss Spello a lot, and I miss the simple life, simple apartment, our friends and family there, but I'm happy to be home with Dr. C.  Everywhere I look there is something that needs to be done, and one of them is my next book, which I've been working on non-stop this summer, and into the time I've been home.  I'll write more as time allows this summer, till then, enjoy your weekend.   

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