Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Cocina Que Canta (the Kitchen that sings)

So I arrived here on Saturday and was dying to see the 7 acre organic garden and the cooking school, and finally got my chance today as I was able to teach and pick produce for our class.   

 Rancho La Puerta is a magical place, and the cooking school is no exception; I teach in a lot of places and this one ranks at the top---although all the places I teach are pretty special, and the students are awesome, too.  

  My assistant today was Gabriella, best friend of one of my favorite assistants ever at Great News, and she reminds me of her as well---feeling at home in a strange kitchen is really what it’s all about and Gabriella did that for me, along with Eugenia, Alejandro, Celia, and Marisella.  Their names all sound like music when spoken! 

Outside the cooking school is the jewel of Rancho la Puerta; the 7 acres  of organic garden (Rancho Tres Estrellas) with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers---it is nothing short of spectacular!   
Salvador is the head gardener and his love for this garden and this place on earth makes the garden tour a highlight when you come here.  Our students got to pick lettuce, and strawberries for our meal.  

The days here at the Ranch could overwhelm you with all the activities that are offered there are so many options.  They tell you to choose what kind of week you want at the Ranch, and although I am working three days that I’m here, I’ve chosen to relax, and do things that will benefit my body, and mind, without making me exhausted

Walking around here is a such a pleasure, there is something new around every corner, whether it’s a family of quail scurrying into the chaparral, or the view down a winding path, each twist of the path leads you to something beautiful. 

So, there have been bird walks, back strengthening classes, photography workshops, massages, swimming, a labyrinth, and today teaching most of the day, which is a workout in itself! 
So, until tomorrow, wishing you a buenos noches from Rancho La Puerta y La Cocina Que Canta. 

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