Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camping at the Ranch

As promised, I am sitting in my casita at Rancho La Puerta, stunned by the beauty of this place.  Only 45 miles from my home, I am in a different world.  The grounds are spectacular; native plants, paths wind through the property taking you on a never ending journey that is a treat for the mind, body and soul.  Not sure I can really do the place justice, but suffice it to say, this is an amazing property.  

We arrived here on the shuttle bus from the airport; actually it’s the best way to come down here, since they take care of all the border paper work, and get you here with minimal fuss and problems.  Upon arrival there is an orientation tour, and then check in, giving you a mini tour of the property and then arrival at your casita.  My sister in law and I are in a 3 person casita (3 single beds) large living room, and huge patio area---which I think we will enjoy when we are in between activities. 

At dinner tonight, we enjoyed an asparagus and fennel soup with pears, mixed greens with fresh figs, gorgonzola and balsamic drizzle, the main course was the catch of the day served with asparagus, spinach, tiny Cippolini and roasted potatoes.  Desert was a berry sorbet with coconut cream and apricots.  The food was amazing---just enough, and as they said at our orientation, you can have as much as you need to keep you going --- I could have eaten 3 desserts, and 2 entrees, but the purpose of this trip is to experience it all. 

Tomorrow morning is “meet the presenters” so I will have to be on my best behavior (darn it!) and hope that enough people will want to do a hands on cooking class on Tuesday or Thursday.  I’m doing 2 on Tuesday and 1 on Thursday, the rest of the time I’m a camper, and this is the kind of camping I could get used to!  The internet is a hike from our casita, so I will send this tomorrow and follow as I can with photos and commentary and hopefully some recipes, until then Buenos noches from Tecate, Baja California. 

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