Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curds and Whey

My pal Mary Karlin came into town this weekend to teach two great classes at Great News.  Mary has written two amazing books, Wood Fired Grilling and her latest due out in August is Artisan Cheese making at Home .  Saturday Mary taught a class grilling with artisan cheeses (awesome) and today she taught a hands on Intermediate Cheese making.  I don't teach hands on classes, I'm too much of a control freak, but Mary and the staff at Great News did an amazing job helping 25 students make 4 cheeses.  Cheese making is really magical....adding acid and culture to the milk and creating cheese right before your eyes.  If you have the opportunity to take one of Mary's classes, I urge you to do it; she's such a great teacher and resource, and this cheese making thing can be addictive!  Here are a few photos from our class. 
Happy in the kitchen
That's a lot of milk!
Caitlin helps Leonard with the curds
The women from table 3 stirring it up!

Bettina and the gang at table 4
Scooping the curds into the cheesecloth

Scooping the last pieces up
Draining the cheese
Pressing the ricotta salata

Chef Mary cutting the curds with table 5
 We have lift-off ---Feta Curds!
Finished Feta curds!
Bettina and Jessica are THE BEST!!!  Thanks girls!
Lots of cooks in the kitchen.......and lots of curds and whey and lots of fun! 
Cheese making is simple and with some instruction you can have a great time making your own cheese.  Mary's coming back to Great News in October, and I hope you'll come on down and try your hand at making your own cheese, it's a great way to spend an afternoon.  I'll be back later this week, until then I wish you a buona notte from San Diego. 

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