Monday, April 25, 2011

Loser of the Week Award---Seat 6B-UAL #7016

If you recognize this person, tell him that he wins the prize; after being told to turn off his Blackberry by the flight attendant several times, and to turn off his IPAD, he continued to use the Blackberry and the IPAD receiving and sending e-mails during the 2 hour flight from White Plains to Chicago. 
I know some people feel that rules are made to be broken, but this was ridiculous---what could be that important that you couldn't turn off your smart phone for 2 hours?  NOTHING. 
Tomorrow I'll be back with more food adventures, but tonight, if you post this to your Facebook page, we can all celebrate the loser of the week. 
And, yes, I took this photo after we had landed in Chicago, and it was legal to turn on my Blackberry.

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