Friday, April 8, 2011

If It's Friday..........

Washington, DC and a government shutdown that is looming over everyone in this country; if it weren't for the fact I'm going to have lunch with my 95+ year old aunt and a cousin, I probably would forego  the visit---the diatribe around this shutdown has made me physically ill.
I grew up around here, and when I deplane, many times it feels like Dad was in the Navy and we moved every two years...tough on kids, and parents to make new friends every few years, but we spent happy times here with my parents together (Dad worked at a desk instead of commanding a ship) and family living close by.
Aunt Ele with Ethel her nurse (we LOVE Ethel!)

Aunt Ele lives in an assisted living facility for military officers and their widows-( and no, it's not government funded, otherwise, there will be no free lunch!)  I've decided that I am not getting old because the food in this facility is pretty bad-I'm not a food snob--I know that cooking for large groups is difficult, but it can be made better--I've seen it happen, but in the 15+ years she has been at this place,I know my sodium intake will be in the stratosphere when I leave!  That said, she's got stories to tell and opinions on every subject, and I am so glad to know I still have her in my life.  If you haven't asked your mom or dad, uncles or aunts their story, trust me, your life will be richer because of it.

If it's Friday it means I'm teaching at The Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle, PA, tonight---I'll be there all weekend, ending on Sunday night with a benefit class for the Harrisburg Symphony.  I'll try and post some more over the weekend but hope you enjoy your weekend, I know I will. 

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