Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Evening at Glass Hosteria, Trastevere, Roma

Our last night in Rome, our friend Rick said we had to eat at Glass Hosteria, Cristina Bowermans' stunning restaurant in Trastevere, right down the hill from the Villa Aurelia.  I knew we were in for a treat; Chef Bowerman has garnered a Michelin star, and 2 forks from Gambero Rosso.  It was a cold and rainy night, and the interior of this restaurant is warm and inviting.  

After we sat down, we were served champagne, and a chef's creation that was brought to our table, all before we'd decided what to order. 
Left: Rice crackers  Right:  cocoa butter shell filled with Campari and grapefruit juice--this is on the table in heaven
another little surprise, a delightful cold soup
I was so impressed by the wait staff here; they are caring (asking if anyone is allergic to anything) and want you to have the best experience they can provide.  They seemingly glide to your table when you need something, but never seem to hover---the sign of an exceptional team. 
Oh and there was bread!  What an incredible selection        

The menu is seasonal, and inspired.  I felt like I couldn't make a decision, but finally decided on the shrimp cocktail, and the pork.  Now this is where this restaurant leaves everyone else in the weeds; every course is beautifully plated, but the plates also have little surprises of taste and texture. 

Shrimp cocktails---mine above, Dr. C's below---I'm allergic to raw tomatoes --- an Italian that is allergic to raw tomatoes is hard to believe!

Rick opted for the steak tartare
 Instead of the usual shrimp cocktail with red sauce, which I wasn't expecting, the sauce was a mayonnaise base, with lovely flavors and tiny shrimp.  After finishing these, the chef sent out a beautiful plate of ravioli Parmigiano.  The stuffing was almost liquid and the topping was caviar; all the flavors exploded in your mouth. 
I felt like Oliver in the play, I wanted more, but knew that I had another course coming
This is my pork dish, with little pillows of apple puree and mustard seeds, it was delicious

Dr. C. had the black cod--amazing

Rick went for the foie gras ravioli---another awesome explosion of flavors
 I was the only one to order dessert, the two boys wimped out on me.  I had a zuppa di cocco (coconut soup) flavored with mango, ginger and lemon which was refreshing and delicious. 
But then, this appeared!  A small box with tiny desserts laying on top.  This one was for Dr. C. and me.  Rick got his own.  
From left:  creme caramel, toffee, lemon tart, glace jelly, and chocolate. 
And, of course, I ate all of mine even thought I'd had dessert.  Chef Bowerman came over to the table, asked how our dinner was, and talked about her project in Los Angeles Crateful. She is a delight, and so passionate about her food.  She stopped at every table in the restaurant, and made sure that everything was up to her standards.  
Restaurants like Glass come along so seldom in life; inspired and inventive dishes with explosions of flavor and varied textures, exceptional wait staff and an ambiance that makes you want to stay for the entire night.  What also makes Glass unique is that Chef Bowerman treats the ingredients with respect and care, changing the menu monthly to take advantage of seasonal ingredients.  If you are in Rome and can get a reservation I urge you to experience Glass, it is remarkable.  Ciao for now.
Glass Hosteria  58, Vicolo del Cinque - 00153 Roma, Italy | tel. +39 06 58335903 |

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