Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Room With a View

My classroom at La Accademia de La Lingua Italiana is above the Piazza de Commune in Assisi, and has this great view.  Being an introvert, I try and sit in the back row, but also have an attention problem, and I tend to look out the window a lot, too!  Who wouldn't want to see these views everyday?
The day I took this photo, they were predicting 80 degree weather, instead it rained, and was in the 70's--nothing to complain about!

Today was primo di Maggio (May Day) in Italy and most of Europe, so it was a day off.  Although school was closed, the enoteca was busy with groups from Austria, Switzerland and the US.   This was the view from my apartment this morning.
And these guys greeted me on the way home this afternoon.  They have a great view of Via Cavour!
Although I have already written a post about doors, I found another hobbit door yesterday and have to share. 
I keep thinking about the Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester, where he is in charge of a group of "small people" who are acrobats, and can picture them coming out of this door.  Assisi is still a medieval city in many ways, and these doors, are a testament to that.  As I was going back to school for the afternoon session, I caught this glimpse.

A frequent sight in the Piazza and near the basilica, but not so frequent at the top of the hill.  Wishing you a buona notte from Spello. 

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