Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clicking My Ruby Slippers and Heading Home

Tomorrow I end my month on the road, and head home.  This has been a great trip with awesome students, classes, visits with friends, an IU home game win, 5 days with our granddaughter, and lots of cold weather!
One day Dr. C. and I experienced, rain, sleet, and snow all within 6 blocks in NYC.  This photo was taken in New Jersey on Friday as I was driving from La Guardia to Carlisle, PA.  It took 90 minutes to go about 20 miles in New York, and then I was driving in near white-out conditions west of the city.  When I reached Bethlehem, PA the snow stopped, the sun came out and there was no snow on the ground. Today in Carlisle, when I left,  the thermometer in the car registered 65....think I'll mail my down coat back to San Diego!
I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have to teach, and to meet with the people who buy my books, and come to my classes.  Over the years I've formed very special relationships not only with the cooking schools, but also with their students, and I am humbled by how blessed I am.  Thanks to all who came out to attend a cooking class, and to the staff(s) at each cooking school for their hard work, and dedication to serve their communities.  I often tell people that my mission field is the dinner table, and that's not a bad thing.  I hope you have a wonderful week, I'm very happy to be heading home tomorrow.  Watch out San Diego, I'm coming back!

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