Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Condo Chronicles

I am currently in Bloomington, Indiana helping our son move out of his condo which will close a week from today.  When I arrived on Saturday we began to see the laminate kitchen floor buckling....on Monday a series of contractors were in and out, and finally tore up the floor, found a reason for the water under the floor and we are continuing towards the closing date, with the floor being replaced this weekend.

As with most things that have a deadline, it is never simple; but I have to say that I am so grateful for a realtor who is right there when you need her, and the tradesmen who were here Monday and Tuesday.  Boxes are piling up here, and we are carrying loads over to Goodwill and Salvation Army, as well as trash to the dumpster.

I'm amazed at what people toss; and the people that come by the condo complex and pick up the nearly new trash that owners can't take with them.  Every night when Ryan and I have gone out to dinner there are pick up trucks lined up at the dumpster---our contractor told us they will be at the flea market each weekend selling to the IU students coming to town. 
This is the living room---in progress.
Hallway to the kitchen---boxes everywhere!
Ugly old linoleum---bad dream---not much cooking going on in here!
Although there is a lot of work to do, Ryan and I are both feeling a little bittersweet about leaving here---although I won't miss the 100+ degree summer weather! 

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