Monday, April 23, 2012

A Very Cheesy Weekend

Dr. C. and I are fortunate to have our friend Mary Karlin visit us from the Bay area every couple of months when she comes into town and teaches cheese making at Great News! Cooking School.
Saturday's class was hands on beginning cheese making where the students made Panir, mascarpone, chevre, and ricotta.  Since hands on classes make me queasy---I'm too much of a control freak to teach them, I dropped Mary off and then came back when the students were about finished, to take a few photos.

Chef Mary with curds and whey

students checking the temperature

wrapping it up
Amanda taking care of business!

Jessica and Nicole taking care of business

Milk for Sunday's class!

Sunday's class was hands on simple cured cheeses, including ricotta salata, feta and brin d'amour. I was going to help out if needed, fortunately, I  got to play photographer again, peeking over everyone's shoulders and being a general nuisance!

Even more milk!!

huddle before class begins

And, we're off......

Jessica carefully measuring the magic ingredients  
Team 2 under Nicole's watchful eye

Team 3 getting it done!

Separating the curds and whey for the brin d'amour

draining the curds

adding the magic!
Draining and salting the ricotta salata
Shaping and embellishing the brin d'amour

Pimenton, rosemary, juniper-berries, herbs de Provence, and fennel seed. 

So, what did I learn this weekend?  Mary K. is an amazing teacher, and a great cheese maker.  Cheese making invites community. Some of the students didn't know each other, but they all got to know each other through the hands on experience, and left happy, with cheeses to finish at home.  Lastly, I learned that I'll leave the hands on classes to pros like Mary, and I'll continue to teach demo classes!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend! 

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