Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gone Fishing


 I do wish my life looked as peaceful as this serene photo, but truthfully, it's been a chaotic week, with Dr. C and I have new flooring installed, and every day has been something different to deal with and today at least a 2 day delay while some under floor issues are dealt with.  I'll be very happy to get my house back; the upstairs carpet went in without a problem, and I've been spending the days trying to get all the books back onto the bookshelves and our clothes in the closet.  My kitchen counters are piled high with the things that came out of my china closets; and it's a LOT of stuff!  So, no cooking this week, although tomorrow night I'll get to teach at Great News, my favorite class, the Farmer's Market Bag class. Today in the NY Times they mentioned the (in)famous Sumo citrus---these behemoths are a lunch and they are so delicious and they are in this week's bag!   

 I just love the slogan here; enormously good to eat--they aren't kidding!

My friend the bear has the right attitude; hang loose, and it will all work out!  Have a great week, I'll try and get back with some recipes next week. 

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