Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weighing in On Paula Deen

It's taken me a day to get over my anger and disgust at the Paula Deen roadshow yesterday.  Now I know there are a lot of people who love Paula Deen and I understand that watching someone who cooks like she does is really spectator sport, but I am in Anthony Bourdain's corner on this one.  He described her as the most dangerous woman on the Food Network.  Here's exhibit A:

The Krispy Kreme Burger with two Krispy Kreme donuts, fried egg and bacon.  Just because she makes food like this doesn't give you permission to eat like this.  Ms Deen's admission (after knowing about her diabetes for over 3 years) came only after she had secured a lucrative spokesperson gig with a drug company.  The Food Network denied knowing about this but it's interesting that Paula's son has a show that began airing a few weeks ago titled "Not My Mama's Cooking", I find that all a bit too coincidental.

Anyone who has to deal with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, has to deal with a life long battle, and I do sympathize with that, but  when Ms. Deen said that "diabetes isn't your fault" I was flabbergasted.  I would say serial overeating, no exercise, and smoking are probably contributing factors.  How about this dish?
This is the deep fried baked I know it looks great, but could you really eat a steady diet of this?  Julia Child lived to be 92 years old; no one enjoyed good food and drink as much as she did, the operative words here are good food, fresh, simply prepared food.  Her quote was always, everything in moderation  which should be the American mantra when it comes to our diet. 
Now, I realize we are all adults here, and we make our own decisions, and face the consequence of our actions, but cooking with Ms. Deen can be hazardous to your health.  I think we all should follow my friend Cookie Monsters' advice...

Enjoy your day, and I'll be back tomorrow with a few tips for weekend cooking. 

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